Sunday, October 10, 2010

ROBOT (2010)

On opening Friday last week, with 84 shows in Chennai’s Mayajaal cinemas alone the film has created a history. Such was the demand that tickets for the first couple of days sold within minutes of its opening. Bombarded by requests, office bearers of dozens of Rajni fan clubs across the city went underground. This fact is the proof enough why those 165 crore (if I’m not mistaking Asia’s biggest film budget ever) are worth to burn for the man who is unsurpassed phenomenon of Indian screen.

Enthiran/Robot is Rajni Vs Rajni and not only this; he is in multitudes- the scientist, the lovable robot Chitty and destroyer robot (version 2) with plethora of Rajnioids. As they say in south, there’s nothing Rajni can’t, one has to accept the myth while watching his films but above all Robot is an absolutely value for money entertainer with lavish spectacles and some of the never before seen special effects in Indian film. The first half is more fun to watch than the second half which is quite drag especially when machine fall in love with Aishwarya. Poor Chitty, she looks so irresistibly beautiful!!! The story is cliché sci-fi repeated in many Hollywood sci-fi with android humanoid which in first half shows the bliss and in second half the curse of uncontrolled destruction. The special effects of Cameron loyal Stan Winston & team (the man who create ‘Terminator 2’ and ‘Avatar’) not needed to compare with those Hollywood entertainment backed up by giant Studios but as far as Indian screen is concerned this is the biggest special effects extravaganza I’ve ever seen.

Shankar made a pure paisa wasool entertainment with all spicy Indian entertainer ingredients of fun, romance, action, emotions, drama, thrill with company of Aishwarya’s eternal beauty and above all Thalaivar, the boss himself who’s not just the star but the religion with equal numbers of fans and fanatics. Rahman’s score bears lot of electronic sounds and too mechanical lyrics, though I love listening ‘Pagal Anukan’ and ‘O Naye Insaan’ but as far as song picturization is concerned all of them are visually awesome one even though stuffed one like that stunning ‘Kilimanjaro’ track filmed on Machupichu.

Go watch ‘Robot’ on big screen near you if you haven’t seen it yet, it’s an absolutely guaranteed ENTERTAINMENT of this year.

If I rate anything less than 10/10, Thalaivar fans will kill me!


Mitul said...
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Mitul said...

Mene bola tha dear,ki jake dekho..I think u should thank me for that.Bcos i inspired u to watch this movie.....

HIREN DAVE said...

sounding too smart. I just asked your opinion and do you seriously think you are the inspiration behind watching this film!!! Pathetic sense of humor, kid!