Sunday, October 24, 2010


Well made martial arts films not only show just mindless action but also tends to tell you the lessons worth to learn about self discipline guiding you to overcome your mental and emotional weaknesses. ‘The Karate Kid’ is film belongs to that category teaching that the secret of Karate lies in mind and heart, not in hands.

It’s a simple tale of a teenage boy living with his divorced and working mom, shifted to different town and school. He made crush on girl but soon became constant victim of school’s bully gang that challenged his strength. The cheerful boy loses his confidence in life and love ending up with everyday frustration of inferiority. That’s where an old Japanese neighbor comes to his rescue teaching him lessons with unusual training offering menial tasks to perform. It’s not only about teaching him karate but right attitude to balance his life and fix the problems of his life with self reliance. Don’t expect great action like watching Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan films because it’s an inspirational film for transformation aimed teenage audience.
Though a decent watch for mature kids too.


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