Tuesday, October 26, 2010


“There’s nothing wrong with the blueberry pie. It’s just people make other choices; you can’t blame the blueberry pie. It’s just no one wants it.”

Nothing is great about that line except watching its sublime context in the initial scene where two strangers conversing and sharing their late night food in a café by just a co-incidence. One is the owner of the cafe; the other is a girl who recently broke her heart. There’s bunch of unreturned keys kept in a jar in that café and every single key has its own story to tell! Guess who the storyteller is!

Extending his tale of unreceived love and its melancholy of ‘In the Mood for Love’, Wong Kar Wai shows us another naïve and weary modern lovers left with their agony of separation and then their loneliness is reciprocated by the other stranger. Why it just happens that feelings just went away soon after the initial instinctual driven feelings encounters with two poles apart maps of minds? How do you say goodbye so suddenly to someone you can’t imagine living without? This man has so many sublime things to tell and show like no other. Oh! Watch that beautiful unexpected slow motion kiss reciprocated with silence and tinge of mysterious smile and guys it’s one of the most sublime kiss I’ve ever seen in any film so far. It’s these little things which make Wong a gifted director to the world of cinema.

The plot is nothing but few disjointed pieces of characters connecting and disconnecting with each others lives. The film was shot at night, Wong’s fixation with smooth and intoxicating background score corresponding to beautiful cinematography with his penchant for slow motion moments. The part of Jeremy and Lizzie is the highlighted one with two natural performances played by Jude Law and Norah Jones. With their natural expressions both of them leads to those sweetest and subtle moments of love and it’s longing. As compulsive gambler but smart woman Natalie Portman is just amazing in her short but memorable role. She completely remain in her puzzle like character of a girl who doesn’t trust anybody or anything, guess I’ve seen more of her than quite stretching track of Rachel Weisz.

Absolutely must watch for anyone who’s able to love.


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