Thursday, October 28, 2010


“Carpe Diem lads, Seize the day. Make your lives extraordinary,” proclaimed an unusual and charismatic English teacher Mr. John Keating played by maverick Robin Williams to the impressionable young students of his class. While quoting great poets from Whitman to Tennyson, he’s trying to prove a single point to his dear students: break the dangers of conformity. They’re in the institution ruled by tolling bells of strict disciplinarian Principal. Keating is sweeping the boys on his tune like that pied piper and preparing them for what they really want from life and not what their parent or institution expecting from them. But soon no longer they remain able to swim against the stream.

From scene to scene and dialogue to dialogue Aditya Chopra had ripped off this film to gift mass Indian audience crowd puller ‘Mohabbatein’. He highlighted the confrontation part between Big B and SRK with love story as subplot culminating it’s end with emotionally charged up lines whereas in this original it’s relationship between teacher and students is highlight. The ending is memorable showing us one of the most subtle farewell scene for any teacher without dialogue or emotional drama.

Robin Williams delivered another award deserving performance and he is the strongest reason to watch this film apart of Peter Weir’s sound direction and story telling.


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