Thursday, February 24, 2011


There’s no better option than watching an animation flick especially when you have a terrible and hectic day at job. It’s fun watching the wannabe greatest villain of all time, Mr. Gru. With help of Dr. Nefario and lovable minions he makes a plan for the moon heist. So how could he do that? It’s so simple- by shrinking it with shrinking ray gun. But getting shrinking gun from rival villain Vector isn’t easy. But his initial selfish interest drives him to adopt three cute orphan girls who’re selling cookies for Miss Hattie slowly transformed him from despicable one to most loving one.

It’s one of the impressive Hollywood animation films of the last year which got nomination in upcoming Oscar with two finest and tough rivals- ‘Toy Story 3’ and ‘How to Train your Dragon’. Keeping apart the Oscar buzz, I must say its cool animation film stuffed with entertaining ingredients of fun, emotion, action, adventure, drama and lovable characters. So there are cool gizmos ranging from cookie robots and piranha gun to freezing ray guns and above all shrinking ray gun which makes even the moon shrinks! But I like those assemble minions sound gibberish and helped Gru and kiddies to get it all through while remaining sidekicks. Pleasant entertainment, recommended to all animation lovers.


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