Monday, February 28, 2011


A hilarious directorial debut of the man, the genius, the unique- Woody Allen. The film is loosely narrated mock documentary on the life and times of Virgil Stockwell- a wannabe criminal who attempted several bank robberies with few masterminds and most of the time ending up being caught by cops. He is the man of constant failures for whom the world is too difficult to cope with and still his dream lies in seeing his name in world’s ten most wanted criminal. We see the black and white montages of his childhood, his grandpa and the interviews of his cello teacher, his Groucho Marx makeup clad parents, his friends, partners in crime and his girlfriend-wife.

Though the film doesn’t have those signature Woody one-liners on platter as in later part of his career representing the most lovable paranoiac and cynic but that doesn’t mean he failed to tickle your funny bone. We can clearly see the emerging of original entertainer in his debut film who constantly been mocking himself than anyone else to spread fun for his audience. Watching Woody on screen is unmatchable treat for all of his hard core fans and they know pretty well that one doesn’t need a review or reason to watch Woody films. Watching him on screen is enough to bring genuine smile on your face like those classic Chaplin, Marx Bros or Keaton films.


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