Monday, February 7, 2011

THIRST (Korean) (2009)

A missionary priest volunteered for the medical experiment and infected with a deadly disease. But it turned out him as bandaged miracle saint who cures the others but secretly sucks blood from his patients to cure his own cursed existence. He saves an unfortunate girl Tae-ju and brought hope and passionate love in her life but that made him do the thing which he abstained himself even after being vampire. The rest is all blood show dipped with doom.

Compared to Park Chan Wook’s Vengeance Trilogy, this is completely different film in theme and genre. It has blood thirsty vampire and it has passionate love story but not like those teenager popcorn entertainer such as ‘Twilight’ enterprise. Chan Wook has given it absolutely his impression with regret, guilt and redemption. Chan Wook retained his fetish for graphic violence and grotesque bloodshed in abundance here too. He once stated, ‘I hope my films can help in any small way to help your imagination became at least a little bit crueler.’ It’s not exaggeration to say he filled the screen with blood spurting and sucking in most of the frames and so the film is strictly not advisable for normal film viewers. It has haunting moments you’ve ever seen in vampire films- like those haunting hallucinations under guilt or bloodthirsty lovers sucking each others blood or an old lady blinking his eyes to reveal the truth.



Kalpesh Bhatt said...

Well, a good review. keep doing.

HIREN DAVE said...

Thanx kalpesh for appreciation...hope you enjoy following my blog. Have peep into your blog a day ago and though not regular you've also posted some of the very interesting observations and opinions of thinking man...keep it up.