Tuesday, February 15, 2011

TRISTANA (Spanish) (1970)

After making mind bending surreal-erotic masterpiece ‘Belle De Jour’, this is the second and last film Bunuel made with irresistible French beauty Catherine Deneuve. Initially the film seems like replica of his earlier masterpiece ‘Viridiana’ but the film takes a different turn in the last half an hour and it reverse your emotions and shifts your sympathy. I love Bunuel not only for his unthinkable surreal expressions but also the way he represents the cruel and wicked face of humanity like no other to this extent. However it’s not so unpredictable for those who’ve watched few of Bunuel films. Compared to all other Bunuel films that I managed to watch, this one seems comparatively less surreal or obscure one and not gives me much jolt as I expect from Bunuel film except the climax and the dream of head hanging bell tower.

Don Lope is admirable old man in society but has flawed feet in matters of women. Soon after his wife’s death, he turned an authoritative patriarch and possessive stepfather and kept his daughter at home. He’s old wolf in garb of father who slowly starts exploiting her physically. However she met a young artist and elope with him. Within few years she returned home with one leg and we see the mind blowing reversal of power all came from mind of Bunuel. To watch Catherine Deneuve in Bunuel’s film is treat; she played innocent exploited young virgin here until blow your mind away with her bitchy act when she returned home. Fernando Rey played quite extended part of his character in Bunuel’s ‘Viridiana’.
Not one of Bunuel's best but nevertheless recommended film for any Bunuel beginners.


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