Wednesday, February 9, 2011


One of the small budget independent films that brought attention this year by well received critical appraisal and 4 academy award nominations including Best Picture and Best Actress. It’s about a 17 year college going teenage girl and her struggle to get his escaped father back. Either she has to search his father and present him to court as warned by sheriff or evacuate the home as per the parole bond signed by her father. The gravity of situation is that she got responsibility to tend sick mother and two kids with penniless existence. After hopeless struggle to get help from her blood relatives and dear ones, she tried hard to get him back. But things aren’t as predicted and open as it seems. Situation and sense of responsibility let her do things unimaginable.

The film is tad slow in pace and almost became stretching exercise till I reach the climax. Maybe I’m expecting something else from the film! The things worthy to mention are its minimalist treatment showing seedy, depressive and dingy backdrop of mountain region which is as rough, lawless and indifferent as the human beings around her. She’s loner and still stronger in the world full of rugged men. Jennifer Lawrence’s act is above average but not so brilliant that she deserves academy nomination; instead I find John Hawkes more impressive in supporting role. The film is bleak, harsh but overall it doesn’t leave me an impact of watching a fine drama as I expected.


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