Thursday, February 10, 2011

SCOOP (2006)

Back to Woody Allen again! Though the film is quite average, mediocre and predictable mystery coiled in romantic comedy, it surely brings moments of smile on your face in company of Woody as a magician Splendini who keep showing his card tricks to anybody anywhere and remained paranoiac investigative sidekick to chemistry of Scarlett Johannson and Hugh Jackman.

So while volunteering from the audience inside the closed box on a magic show, a young wannabe reporter met a spirit of recently died big reporter who revealed a big scoop. The son of respected millionaire in London is the real tarot card serial killer, the biggest serial killer ever since Jack the Ripper! Objective investigation of the girl and magician works well initially but soon love affair starts playing impediment to the scoop.

The film is too similar to ‘Manhattan Murder Mystery’ where Woody plays disturbed paranoiac hubby of wannabe spy wife played by Diane Keaton. Woody seems aged on face but not in energy and it’s his last film where he appears under his directorial ventures. Hope he’ll soon come with something suitable for him. All Woody fans love to see him on screen or behind as long as he hit the century.

Ratings- 6.5/10

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