Sunday, May 13, 2012

EXILED (Cantonese) (2006)

Two pairs of gangsters hunting for a man named Wo. One is on the assignment to settle the score as per their leader’s command, another to protect them. Together they wait, they shoot and then they eat but they didn’t settle the score! Above all they all are old friends. Time is ticking... and shifting, they got a favor from another man named Jeff who offered two lucrative deals for them, to hijack a truckload of gold and an assassination plan of a rival mob boss. Nothing happens as per the plan and the violence and the mess continue on screen playing its volatile game until their bonding and destiny reaches them towards a predestined nemesis.

After a long time I’ve watched a crime-action entertainment that proclaimed cult impression of auteurs of violence. Johnnie To’s this film has a stamp of technically brilliant Hong Kong cinema where action and violence on screen is art; whether inspired from Masters like Peckinpah and Leone or matching contemporary talents like Tarantino or John Woo. And all this with sumptuous visual style of two other geniuses- Jean Pierre Melville and Wong Kar Wai. Needless to say it’s technically top notch production, stunning slow motion camera work, sound, background score and above all awesome action. From restaurant shoot out to its following mess at underworld’s secret surgical doctor’s apartment and from shootout for gold in forest to its mind blowing climax, this is something purely crackling entertainment.

It made me fan of Johnnie To cinema...will definitely dig more of him soon.



maiko said...

have u seen 《槍火The Mission》?
it's best Johnnie To's movie, and also part1 of 《EXILED》.
only 87min, but very stylish and cool.

HIREN DAVE said...

Hi sorry for late reply :( Will surely catch your suggestion soon. Keep sharing your opinions :)