Friday, May 25, 2012


My third Shane Meadows film and the man didn’t fail to impress me so far. It’s an absolutely warm and refreshing British independent film portraying days of two unlikely teens growing on their youthful friendship and a crush on a same girl amid all their hopeless disintegrated family life and rough streets of London. Within it’s nearly one hour short length, the film with fine restraint brought us the face of social scenario of metro and at the same time focus beautifully the individual attention on kinship and adolescent fancy of two boys company to each other. For both of them the city is either too rough or too hopeless, the only joy for both of them is company to each other.

Without being pretentious or unnecessarily sentimental or over the top drama, Meadows brought to screen appreciable independent film shot in beautiful B&W frames with natural act, cool soundtrack. There are moments which make you move and also the moments which make you laugh and smile. I love to watch indie like this any day; it’s refreshingly sweet, funny and satisfactory and need I tell you I’m recommending it ;)


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