Thursday, May 17, 2012

HARD BOILED (Cantonese) (1992)

Much before he brought attention to mainstream Hollywood and much before his admirers like Tarantino and Rodriguez lifted his distinctive style, John Woo made some of the technically most accomplished action films of Hong Kong cinema. Hard Boiled is one of that films that established him as distinct brand name with stylish never before seen explicit action with his signature touch. Flat on his back, gun in both hands, excessive violence, astonishing stunts and slow motion, Woo made all these elements as violent poetry on screen like his Master Hollywood predecessor Sam Peckinpah.

Hard Boiled brought to screen Hong Kong cinema’s two leading stars- Tony Leung and Chow Yun-Fat as adversary in first half and dual protagonist in second half. The chemistry between two is just awesome with a plot with nexus of cop, undercover cop and triad. From bird cage restaurant shoot out to long climax, the blazing guns and mind blowing stunts speaks their own language on screen and nobody can made it with as much detailing prowess as Woo. And it’s not just mad violence, there’re moments in the film where Woo made points how violence is inevitable fate that pays heavily. We can see that in a climax where under blind blazing guns a cop killed another cop so accidentally. Whether Hollywood or Bollywood action cinema not remain same with influence of man named John Woo and this is one of his striking film with brilliant  action sequences ever choreographed, ever filmed that hold you to your seats like power packed thriller.


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