Sunday, May 13, 2012


It’s hard to say ‘No’ to the man like Don Logan, a lopsided dominant savage who’s mad dog hard to resist. He came from London to Spain for a retired gangster named Gal living luxurious life in Spanish villa having sun tanning, guzzling booze and enjoying company of his ex porn star partner. Don is unwanted man and an absolutely hard nut to crack and a simple ‘No’ or ‘I’m retired now’ is not easy way out for Gal. The tension starts rolling once Don enters the house of Gal. It’s a plan passes from a network of gangster- banker nexus and there’s heist in wait.

Watching Ben Kingsly as Don Logan is wilderness and terror runs crazy on your face and this is one of his absolutely devil done perfect role without an iota of doubt. The messy smoking scene in flight or shouting hysterically repetitive abuse aimed at Gal is psychological physical torture turning all no to yes. The film is quite flippant in script and demands more crackling gangster ending than easy way out with cocky heist sequence. But it’s worthy enough to watch for Kingsley who’s fire on screen as Don Logan and Ray Winstone playing Gal with a fine restrained performance. The ‘threat’ plays pivotal role in the drama and it ultimately turns Gal from one yes to another which he can’t refuse.

Watch it for the nasty dynamite called Ben Kingsley and it made you think that is he the same man who played ‘Gandhi’!!!


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