Sunday, May 6, 2012

LE PROFESSIONNEL (French) (1981)

A French secret agent Joss Beaumont was assigned to kill African President and with turn of volatile political stand, the authority turned the table and surrendered him to African government. After rigorous imprisonment of two years he’s back in Paris to teach a hard lesson to his officials. As explained on screen by French cinema’s most admired brute Jeal Paul Belmondo, he is espionage and ass kicking. It’s absolutely commercial action entertainer than earlier Belmondo films where apart of his star appeal, the films under New Wave or Noir gave French cinema its real artistic edge. Inspite of its less on style or form and more on action and though Belmondo seems quite aged, the film made its mark on box office and regarded as one of the most top grossing Belmondo flick.

Don’t look for thrilling spy movie tension here, as it’s film fully backed on crowd pulling elements of Belmondo’s charm and Ennio Morricone’s score with comedy and action runs in abundance. Worthy to watch if you’re Belmondo fan and like watching him thrashing men with hands or a gun and clashing with car chase on real Parisian locations.


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