Sunday, May 20, 2012


This is the debut of a genius and multitalented Vijay Anand aka Godlie who brought the banner of Navketan Films to unprecedented heights for complete one decade. It’s record that Godie never missed an aim and gave one after another super hit Golden Jubilee films of that classic bygone era of classic Hindi cinema. Though it inspired from Frank Capra’s romantic ‘It Happened One Night’, Goldie brought to the film the touch of his impression in more than one technique of filmmaking. From story, screenplay, dialogue writing, editing to direction and even in cinematography one may clearly observe the touch of Goldie.

The plot of the film centers around double fold suggestions of its title; a favor of will with the same figure amount fall in the lap of a young drifter named Madan Gopal and as by its hindi idiom meaning we witness an escape of bride from his wedding procession. She joins the company of the man in disguise. After light romance and singing songs in the first half both of them visits the house claiming themselves husband and wife. It’s the second half the film becomes trademark gripping Hitchcokian flavor. As the man unfolding the secrets of old and new will as newly appointed Manager, the lady faces blackmailing from another man. Shakti Samanta had copied the whole plot of Jivan, Shashikala, Kalpana Kartik in his blockbuster ‘Kati Patang’.

Along with command on narration and writing Godlie had unparalleled panache in filming Hindi song sequences and he’s one of its only kind. Much before he directed those golden melodies of ‘Guide’, ‘Jewel Thief’ or ‘Teesri Manzil’ on Technicolor screen he honed the skill from his very first film. Watch the way he used production set with unusual camera angles, shots with his cinematographer V Ratra here. The way he used foreground and background in frames and noir like B&W shadows shows his inspirational inclination of Hollywood classics. The climactic song sequence with clock ticking thrill is something that Indian cinema has seen perhaps the first time.

The oozing charm of Dev gets a special treat when his younger brother directs the film and this is his first successful litmus test bringing long time collaboration. Then recently married youthful real life couple of Dev and Kalpana Kartik looks so refreshing on screen. The presence of some of the regular Navketan supporting cast including Lalita Pawar, Jivan, Madan Puri and Shashikala with co-dance number of Helen goes without much clutter. Needless to say S D Burman’s evergreen score of the film is absolutely treasure and it remained an asset for almost all Navketan films. It enlivens the special charm on screen when it brought magic of both Anand Brothers together. From Kishoreda’s drifting melody ever made ‘Hum hai rahi pyar ke’ to three classic teasing romantic duets ‘Kali ke roop mein’, ‘Aankhon mein kya ji’ and ‘Aaja panchhi akela hai’. It’s revealing trivia to know that Zohra Sehgal, the Indian cinema’s first lady who completed century of his age this year choreographed the songs of the film.

‘Nau Do Gyarah’ is nostalgic Navketan treat to watch and revisit for more than one reason. 

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