Sunday, September 1, 2013

ALLEMAN (1964) (Dutch)

“ ‘Zoo’ was well accepted, I considered it to be a practice piece for a long film and that is ‘Alleman’ ( 'Everyman' or 'The Human Dutch'). It’s a film one and half hours long, made with a hidden camera. I was confident about it, there is nothing more fascinating than people watching, especially if they don’t know that they are being filmed. There were a lot of things I filmed but didn’t use: really lovely things. I think that if you don’t ask people when filming them then you’re obliged to make them look silly. I think than you should, I then had a system: Would I use it if it was my brother, sister, mother or father? I have had lot of letters, but not one from someone who says: You should have ask me if you could use that, old man.”
– Bert Haanstra

In more than hundred years from its existence the cinema has dealt mostly with one subject: man. Its images of man and machines, man and environment, man and society, man and circumstances. Perhaps, what better subject, cinema serves to humans than showing them the mirror of themselves! I ended up watching one of the most poetic, beautiful & humanitarian documentary about nothing but people and their everyday life in general; undoubtedly a finest gift served to humanity by Haanstra.  The film is learning lessons of editing, visually so rich & evocative & has wonderful use of  voice over narration and music. Though it’s a documentary, it’s a sumptuous food full of drama, action, thrill, humor and wonderful narrative that is as exciting as watching mainstream entertainer. The reaction of watching it emotive, thought provoking and satirical at times. Highly Recommended. And those who haven’t seen Haanstra’s brilliance of short films, missing something so aesthetic and poetic in their lives. Catch all his shorts available on youtube-  ‘Glas’, ‘Fanfare’, ‘Zoo’ & most poetic ‘Mirror of Holland’, to name a few.

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