Sunday, September 1, 2013

COUP DE GRACE (1976) (German)

Set in the ending phase of German-Russian confrontation of the first WW, the film is a document of unrequited love tragedy runs parallel to war film. Strong and significant women character oriented plot, drama & performances remained worthy characteristic of Schlondorff cinema.  Von Trotta’s character is another tragic and key character addition into that list. Her character here is too complex as the only young lady surviving among the soldiers, the world of indifferent male universe around. Her expectations of romantic intimacy and happiness are crushed from the evasive and detached love of the man. Somehow the film left me ambiguous and unsatisfied in its loose structure, portrayal of characters and rounded political angles compared to other Schlondorff film. 

Worth a watch if you're Schlondorff fan & like to explore Von Trotta's earlier creative phase of actress.

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