Sunday, September 1, 2013

THE LEGEND OF RITA (2000) (German)

Schlondorff’s politically charged, humanitarian and tragic personal take on Germany’s bipolar political conflict and fissured history. It’s personal and collective story of a left activist named Rita Vogt fighting against forces of capitalist, imperialist state to bring revolution and has to face constant threat of power and force to keep herself disguised and protected. But under the disguised life of different identities of their secret existence, the life of guerrilla fighters are nothing but a trapped flux of unjust political system on one hand and double cross of their own syndicate on the other. Bibiana Beglau as Rita is surely one of memorable protagonist I’ve ever seen from cinema of Germany. And that's real highlight of the film. As I am watching more andmore of Schlondorff cinema, I just facinated how he explored strong women characters central to his films. Another brilliant Schlondorff and surely modern classic take on Berlin wall. 

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