Sunday, September 1, 2013


'What lovely music for a murder...or two...or three...or nine!'

Here is British cinema’s terrifying answer to Italian giallo genre! One by one seven famous doctors and a nurse of London city died strange, unnatural flesh and blood deaths. The case is a puzzling headache for Scotland Yard. Combining the elements of fantasy, biblical myth, horror and revenge in fantastic manner with operatic soundtrack and fantastic setting, color & lighting, this is surely a cult classic horror to watch. Vincent Price as murder spree Phibes is absolutely abominable doctor as per its deserving title. Though, the film has presence of fine actor like Joseph Cotten, Price is just show stealer maniac to watch with all his ghastly killing methods. Recommended watch to all horror, giallo, thriller lovers and I am sure you must terrorize by the way of Dr. Phibes’s killings!

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