Sunday, September 1, 2013


Volker Schlondorff’s decent and fine screen adaptation of one of greatest American tragedy by Arthur Miller. Exploring & questioning the multiple themes of mythical American dream and capitalist materialism along with the conflict of parental expectations; all three remain an issue of American National psyche & literature from long. The role of Willy Loman from long remained a litmus test of acting; both on stage and screen. From Lee J Cobb to Philip Seymour Hoffman attempted it. And here Dustin Hoffman nailed it so brilliantly as the failing patriarch, proving his powerful acting talent compared to his other two much popular and much lauded contemporaries. It deservingly won him Golden Globe that year.  John Malkovich as his son Biff Loman gave one of his promising act in the early phase of his career. Schlondorff successfully managed to pull the interwoven hallucinatory past obsessions of Willy with the main course of drama.

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