Sunday, May 3, 2009

IJAAZAT (1987)

Human emotions are the most sublime things to define. Who else can define human emotions in the best sublime and impulsive form than Gulzar? He is the poet who contributes much to the Indian cinema with his intensity of lyrics. He is a story writer who always captures relationships of essence with its roots intact in simplicity. He is the director who always gave natural perspectives to the complex emotions. In all the three categories he is the finest paragon possible in Indian Hindi Cinema. The best thing about watching Gulzar film is –It’s neither too artistic nor too commercial and it’s this simplicity and refreshing lightness of story telling which appeals the audience than anything else.

Ijaazat is a film telling a story of the divorced couple accidentally meets each other after a long time into a railway waiting room. The movie further leads to flashback & flash in and meanwhile they tried to explore and self scrutinize the reasons of their ill fate. Was it that other woman or was it their own failure to understand each other. There are many films based on this plot but none of them were closer to the natural presentation as this.

Naseer once again proves why he’s called finest Indian actor. Both Rekha & Anuradha Patel has naturally & gracefully perform their characters of two different faces of women with essence. While the character of Anuradha is more bubbly, subtle & vibrant young woman, the character of Rekha is more a face of traditional ideal Indian house wife.
Even though handling the delicate subject & situational drama, Gulzar has maintained the dignity of all three characters which is quite rare to find elsewhere.

Music & Lyrics always remains integral part of Gulzar film and R D Burman till his death remained the most favorite and loyal Gulzar music composer. In one of the interview RD confessed that the lyrics which Gulzar had penned for this film were the hardest ones to compose, with lines like- “Mera kuch samaan tumhare paas pada hai…” or “Khali haath shaam aayi hai Khali haath jayegi…” But above all RD was the genius music director and all the four tracks he composed for the film still remains matchless as far as Gulzar-RD-Asha Bhosle combination is concerned. Gulzar got Best Filmfare for lyrics for the song “Mera Kuch Saaman…” and Asha Bhosle got National Award for playback singing but ill-fated RD didn’t get single award for his milestone compositions.

Mandatory movie for all meaningful cinema lovers.

Ratings- 8.5/10


Sushanta said...

hi hiren ...!! I just thought of adding my favorite song from "Ijaazat" which is missing from your list. "Katra Katra" is my most preferred song from the film.RD has experimented a twin track recording for this song mixing Asha Bhonsle's high and lows. The effect is more appealing in the line "pyaasi hoon main pyaasi rehne do" and for me it was a first of its kind.

abhishek said...

i have seen this movie several times....but the 1st "matured" experience is still fresh. a few years ago, i was passing thru a "rough patch", and u know, that time, i wanted answers, i wanted reasons.....i use to think, taht if ever get a chance to confront, i will charge her for her doings. maybe someday we will bump into each other.....

then i saw this life to my imagination....for few minutes i was thinking about my story, but then, thanx to gulzar, i was in the movie.
the perfect piece of imagination... couple meeting after 5 years, on a platform, when it is pouring. it has its share of romantic feeling. but, the best part was, gulzar's trademark way of story telling, using flash backs. naseer was so natural, and maya's character was truly a MAYA.

i can watch it again and again. and yes, songs, nevertheless, are legendary.....the poetry of mera kuch samaan, choti si kahani, khali haath shaam etc is very soulful....

its unfortunate, that, gulzar has stopped making movies. dont u think, people need to know about gulzar teh film maker more than gulzar teh song writer!!

HIREN DAVE said...

hi sushanta...nice to see your comments...well,"Katra Katra" is my favrotie too..its absolutely the best track of the film tomy ears...more soothing...more intoxicating that we want to listen it repeatedly so many times & still doesn't feel bore...From your comment it seems that you have fair taste of music & sound knowledge too..please feel free to share it here..