Sunday, May 10, 2009


One more blockbuster masala hit from screen maverick Steven Spielberg. In this second part of Indiana Jones series, Spielberg packaged the entertainment with all the ingredients for every sort of audience just like any James Bond flick.
Most of the movie was set in India with the plot based on part Indian myth- part fantasy of stolen ancient ‘shivalinga’ (sacred stone of Lord Shiva) from a village.

One of India’s legendary actor Amrish Puri acted here as the main villain who offers human sacrifices for evil causes to Goddess Kali. The film also has short presence of Roshan Seth who has also acted in so many other Hollywood Productions. But some how I did not enjoy the film as the first and third part of Jones. The plot is too thin and there’s not much room for some unpredictable action in the film.

What I dislike more about the film is Spielberg‘s too fantasized version of India. Its more seems like mockery of India from western eye. For example when Jones landed to Indian soil he was surrounded by striving kids and beggars. In one more scene inside the palace the courtiers of king shown eating live snakes, fried crabs. As if it’s not enough the soup of human eyeballs were served to the heroine of the film and monkey brains were served as dessert.

An Average Indiana Adventure.

Ratings- 6.5/10

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