Thursday, May 21, 2009


We all know about five senses through which we acquire knowledge from birth to death. The possibility of sixth sense remains puzzling query consists of various myths and interpretations of psychologists and philosophers from the time of Sigmund Freud to Edward De Bono. Writer and Director M. Night Shyamalan came with his own interpretation and he adds ‘Fear’ as the sixth sense among touch, taste, smell, see and hear. The best way to solve any sort of sub conscious fear is ‘to face’ it and that’s what the theme of this Shyamalan’s distinctly debut directed film.

What is distinct about Shyamalan is that he kept natural human emotions intact while dealing with bizarre story about a boy who can see ghosts and a child psychologist who helps him. Where other Hollywood directors required big production design and special effects while making paranoia thrillers; it’s refreshing to witness Shyamalan’s low budget quality product with original script. The climax part is just awesome revelation.

Bruce Willis more resembles like Tom Hanks here; not only in his look but in characteristic mannerism and performance too. It’s surely one of his rare performance to watch. But more than Willis the surprise package of the film is child actor Haley Joel Osment who gave mature debut performance with his refined body language even though the role is quite complicated one. It’s the natural chemistry between these two players is really worthy to watch. The film was nominated in 6 categories in Oscar; Shyamalan was nominated for 2 categories in Best original screenplay and Direction.
Worth to watch for M. Night Shyamalan’s well script and direction.


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Vikram said...

This is undoubtedly my most favorite Horror movie. M.Night Shyamalan is a true genius. After making this film he was paid 5 million dollars to write the script for 'Signs' making him the highest paid scriptwriter in Hollywood till date.
Look for how Shyamalan reduces the temperature of the ambiance whenever there is a ghost around, it's a touch of a great director