Thursday, May 7, 2009

PRICELESS (French) (2006)

“You can resist a beauty but you can’t resist a charm,” advised Audrey Tautou to his mad lover in the film.
Youth is time to take chances of beauty and charm especially if you are fair sex but what if you are male. How much price can a working class lover pay to win his dream girl? Love is blind but that blindness is bliss. Watch this sweet romantic French film and you’ll surely know how.

A bartender guy celebrated birthday party with one of a pretty damsel. The girl misunderstood him as rich man and he started pretending being one too with desirable company of her. Anyway this does not last long and one fine morning true identities were revealed. The boy was a bartender and the girl was high society escort woman on hire.
No, it’s not end it’s just beginning of this film.

Director Pierre Salvadori has kept infectious European situational humor running throughout this cute romantic film. French actor Gad Elmaleh has wonderfully performed his character of Jean keeping the professional habitual humor of the waiter with fine innocent expressions of lover. As a clever escort girl Audrey Toutou once again lives her character. She is really iconic French actress with class blend of beauty and talent. Watch her million dollar facial expressions in ‘Amelie’ or this one.
The major problem with watching fine French film like this for us is either we have to miss the running English subtitles or the refreshing facial expressions of wonderful dame like Audrey Tautou.
Experience this fresh breeze of romance in rising temperature of this summer.

Highly Recommended.


PS- A big thanks to Vikram aka ‘Athiradee Kaaran’for this wonderful recommendation.

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Vikram said...

nice review Hiren bhai. Didn't expect you to give such high rating for a romantic comedy. well allI've got to say about this movie is if you are a fan of serious cinema and you want to take a break from it to watch a light hearted movie but you don't like insane comedies, watch Priceless.