Sunday, May 24, 2009


Just like many of the Hitchcock masterpieces, the film grabs your attention with its fine beginning - A stranger meets another stranger on a train, befriends him and starts talking about swapping the murders so they don’t get emotional in their motive of execution and save themselves from tripping. One wanted to get rid away of his father and the other wanted break up from his bitchy wife. Isn’t it an interesting beginning? It would be spoiler for the film if I reveal anything further about this classic from the kitty of Hitchcock. Well, from starting to end, the film is really an engaging journey that makes you hooked for total an hour and half.

I don’t know why Hitchcock hadn’t used fine actor like Robert Walker in lead role after this one but his character of Bruno is a thing to watch in this film with all his flamboyant theories to seek the attention. He is ‘ask me anything…I know answer’ kind of interesting unusual character here.
The use of camera angles remained a significant device of Hitchcokian thrill; some of the scenes look just like chiseled frame in fine black and white canvas.
Essential Watch for Hitchcock lovers.


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Vikram said...

This on is another of those grossly overlooked Hitchcockian masterpieces. Truly engaging script with a fast paced screenplay and a good ending.