Monday, May 18, 2009

THE OMEN (1976)

Without much speculation I must say that it’s one of the well made horror film that I’ve seen. I watched this older version of the film years ago. I came to know about film while reading an interview of Ramgopal Verma in a film magazine, where he mentioned that it’s one of his personal favorite films. Starring Gregory Peck in his mid age the film’s plot is based on evil incarnated anti-Christ child named Damien. Even though the base of the film is supernatural, it’s a kind of film which you can’t neglect like other horror films based on same kind of subjects. And the reason is its well treated direction, rolling tension of the events and a well nuanced performance by Gregory Peck.

Robert and Katherine Thorn were blessed with everything except child of their own. The wife delivered a dead child and the husband adopted a newborn child as substitute and replaced it with the dead one without letting his wife knew. Everything goes well; even the husband was promoted as US ambassador. But strange events started occurring after the accidental death of Damien’s governess on his birthday. When the priest approached ambassador’s office to inform him that his son was bad omen of evil, rational minded Robert disbelieved him as mere superstition but soon he realized the power of evil horror inside his home and life.

There are many plus points of the film like fine haunting score by Jerry Goldsmith (for which he got Academy Award), fine cinematography and well editing work. However the success of film, all the sequels made after this remains dull versions and not a single one drew audience attention.

Worthy to watch once.


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