Tuesday, May 5, 2009


It’s one of the light weight psychological thriller by Alfred Hitchcock at the beginning of his career in Hollywood. I call it light weight thriller because there’s not a single murder committed in the entire film nor any other heinous crime but still Hitchcock carried the film in interesting way from psychological perspective of suspicious wife. He stressed ‘Human Doubt’ here with the character of sophisticated housewife.

Opposed to her Army General Father, Lina married to good for nothing handsome guy named Johnnie. Most of the people known to Johnnie believed that he married her just for the sake of her fortune and money. However Lina refused to accept it being sweet intoxication of love. But slowly her doubts started giving her clues. The climax is too predictable and projection of the film is more romantic and that’s the reasons why I would not count it as one of Hitchcock’s best films.

The movie has two vintage stars; Cary Grant as shrewd handsome dandy who loves courting high society girls and Joan Fontaine as a piece of fresh innocent beauty. Cary Grant is amazing in this tailor-made role for him. Fontaine was impeccable beauty hard to ignore but I liked the character and performance of Jane Wyman in ‘Stage Fright’ better than any other actresses of Hitchcock films.

Average compared to other Hitchcock Masterpieces.


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