Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Just like earlier ‘The Da Vinci Code’ here too the film fell short than the original thrilling Best Seller Novel by Dan Brown. So, all those who have read the novel just like me would terribly miss the detailing of secret documentation, which is far tenser and intriguing than this moving picture. For the readers it would be lower affair not only because they knew the plot but because they wouldn’t find the excitement their mind dealt with or keeping imagination on roll during reading this another unputdownable best seller of Dan Brown.

This time the plot is trying to bridging the gap between the two biggest dichotomy of the world- science with religion. Both physical wonder of ‘Antimatter’ and secret brotherhood named ‘Illuminati’ are big enigma for us until we read Dan Brown or watch this film. Where the book successfully explains in detail about them; the film compresses it to capture moving action than detailing narration. Although Director Ron Howard has took some liberty from the novel and made the film straight tale without much conflicting the audience.

One shouldn’t be too critical when we have finest actor like Tom Hanks to act but I’m expecting some knock out film next time than continuing Robert Langdon installment. It would be preferable to retain smart French actress Audrey Tautau who has done Da Vinci than expressionless Ayelet Zurer. Ewan McGregor is again surprising one.
The major plus side of the film is witnessing all those significant historical buildings of Vatican City including glorious Sistine Chapel. The half an hour climax is just edge on the seat cinematic thrill.

The book is better but for if you haven’t read it than its better to watch it once…


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