Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Hollywood’s two visual effects big bonanza were released this season. One is forth film of highly successful franchise -‘Terminator’ which is incomplete without Arnold and another is the second installment of successful ‘Transformers’. I haven’t seen ‘Terminator Salvation’ but ‘Transformers 2’ has delivered more than what is expected from it in the form of entertainment.

From beginning to end it has stunning visual effects to make you glued to the seat if you like CGI entertainment. It’s better than first part in visuals and action but not in other departments. What Director Michael Bay has made is yet again mediocre Hollywood product turning the most used to and hackneyed formulae of alien attack and question of Universal security. It’s more like watching crazy hotchpotch of MIB + Independence Day + The Mummy. Nowadays even Superhero films which used to consider as just ‘escape to fantasy’ are experimenting and transforming into something ground breaking. We have fair examples of ‘The Dark Knight’ and ‘Watchmen’. What Bay has delivered is no brainer popcorn entertainment to enjoy in air conditioned multiplexes.

In terms of great CGI its totally ‘Paisa vasool’ entertainment but don’t expect anything beyond that…


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CHETU said...

Dude, i totally Agree wid u.. It was a Let down for me.. i m totally disappointed by Mike Bay. Anyways after watchin this the Sequel is comin as per the sources, i ahve no interest