Monday, July 27, 2009

LOVE ME IF YOU DARE (French) (2003)

Since childhood Julien and Sophie are in close terms with each other. For both of them everything in life is daring game whether pissing in Principal’s office or kissing on the top of stranger’s car on the road. They almost live in childhood even while growing young, until one day the boy proposed somebody else for wedding lock and Sophie plays the game again which no longer remains a spice of their life.

The plot of the film is quite flat but the treatment of the subject with their daring game exchange is what makes this romance engaging. Another reason to watch this film is Marion Cotillard’s fine act as Sophie. In French films we generally witness some abstract beautiful object plays pivotal role in the film and here it’s beautiful cylindrical tin box.
It’s not an extraordinary love story but certainly not mediocre one too. The end of the film is heartbreaking one and that’s the reason why I love to hate this film. Sounds like ‘juxtaposition’ but that’s what this romantic film is!!!


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