Saturday, July 11, 2009


Here comes a film which I called the first Oscar worthy entry of this year. To make such a compelling and concerning war film by women Director Katharine Bigelow itself is an achievement. This isn’t a war film glorifying the action and pseudo patriotism showing firing guns and canon balls. It’s leading you beyond that. It’s precisely showing you the chaos of war in its real sense where anybody can be enemy and any object could be a deadly bomb.

The film begins with breath taking opening task of US army’s Bomb Defuse Unit Officer named Sgt.Thomson risking his own life to prevent the danger in Baghdad. His smart covering partner named Sanborn could not save his life. He got a new team leader Sgt. James who knows his duty as eagle. He is reckless at times risking his own life so often but he is smart chap who knows his task the best.
What particularizes the film is the ‘conflict’ in its real sense when dealing with the task of bomb diffusion. The film not only explores the part of physical danger but psychological tension prevailing in critical duty of the team leader Sgt. James and his right hand Sanborn.

If screenplay and direction is the mind of the film; cinematography is the heart of this film. The film is almost shot in documentary manner with apt use of every significant sound and silence it gives you absolutely different feel of watching a war film. Watch out the long and almost quiet sniper killing sequence and its chilling silence or squad’s dealing with a suicide bomber in the climax and you’ll know what I mean.

Jeremy Renner as Sgt. James is truly a new revelation as an actor and he’s also another reason why one should watch this film. It’s not exaggerated to say that one can count his entry in next Oscar nomination for best actor. It’s not big oratory speech or refined or provoking dialogue delivery but a temperamental attitude of his expressions and body language which makes his act noticeable. He seeks pleasure in otherwise dangerous duty of his job with a precision of professional specialist.

Without fail a mandatory watch of the year.

Ratings- 9/10

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