Friday, July 24, 2009

JASHNN (2009)

A young good for nothing dreamer who wants to be a big singing star… A compulsive drunkard sister who is running an affair with a married businessman just to maintain house (Is she today’s woman!!!)…Dreamer boy falls in love with a rich girl who is by default the sister of the same businessman… (low budget film hai…Director has to be economical in characters too and yep, bollywood audience always love to watch the cliché of Rich girl- poor boy romance)…Let the businessman cum brother become villain to tarnish hero’s dreams…add some current trend of rock band flavor with popular gana- bajana to secure collegian fresher audience and ho gayi fillum taiyar!!!

Can’t Vishesh films and Mahesh Bhatt think anything beyond this? How many times Bhatt camp repeat hackneyed trademark drama story packaged with different cast of newcomers in their low budget musicals!!! May be Bhatt Films don’t require the change as their lower budget production not only successfully gets the cost but fine returns from Friday opening collection and music, video and satellite rights.

Adyayan Suman not only looks horrible (with his curly hair) here, he acts horrible too with his unchanging expressions and stereotyped dialogue delivery!!! He’s the biggest mismatch of the film. Anjana Sukhani remains glamour doll as usual; what else heroine can do in typical commercial film. Thank god there’s presence of fine talented actress like Shahana Goswami. Infact I dare to watch this film after hearing a praise of her performance. She is fine natural actress discovered in ‘Rock On!!!’ Here too her act is natural and she maintained the mature poise of strong woman character even though usually there’s not much space for an actress like her in typical Bhatt film.

Ratings- 4.5/10

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