Friday, July 17, 2009

LITTLE TERRORIST (Short Film) (2005)

After the screening of his debut film ‘Road to Ladakh’, Director Ashwin Kumar got elated but running 45 minutes long film is unacceptable in any short film festivals. As per the norms it should be consist of 15 minutes. So he decided to make other short film as per the stipulated 15 minutes time frame and made the touching tale of a Pakistani boy who accidentally crossed the border to get his ball from the other side of the fence and landed up in a small Rajasthani village. He was branded as terrorist by the army but treated as family member by a rustic villager and his daughter who helped him to get back in his own land.

The film was shot in 6 days with an inexperienced cast and the hired international crew recruited with the help of internet. It was official selection entry in over 130 film festivals world wide and won several International Awards and got nomination entry into Academy Awards in 2005.
However I watched a film called ‘Ramchand Pakistani’ last year based on same theme and subject but that film wasn’t so impressive. Ashwin’s this short film is not refined one but it surely creates some vibrations during its 15 minutes time frame. Ashwin’s work is surely impressive as he gave ample minute detailing even while making 15 minutes short film. I am waiting for his full length feature film in coming future.


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