Friday, July 31, 2009


Imtiaz Ali once again proves that he’s a new breed of talented underdog director redefining the Bollywood cliché of romance with his skill of storytelling. After his fine debut “Socha Na Tha’ and hugely successful ‘Jab We Met’, he again back with another cool romantic film like a fresh breeze. What I like about Imtiaz is he always comes with a story where there are not many characters stuffed together like usual bollywood love flick; which gives ample space and screen time for lead players to perform. Second in his love story neither society nor parental plays villain role, instead its lovers who struggling with their own psychological confusion and if you scratch deeper that’s the main barrier difficult to overcome in our personal lives too.

The Movie portrays two love stories of different period. If the Present one depicts today’s Youth Love story breaking all the conventional notions of emotional romance, the past one depicts the flavor of local Punjab maintaining the legacy of ‘Sachcha Pyar’. It was quite difficult to entertain and still make the audience feel something different while witnessing both the love stories projecting different time zones but Imtiaz is a fine romantic story teller and he has done it. Same can be said about Saif Ali Khan who maintained his double act like a fine seasoned player. Deepika is launched by Farah Khan but discovered as fine actress in this one. She will surely start considering as ‘Director’s actress’ after this one. The chemistry between Saif- Deepika is brilliant. Thanks Imtiaz for not casting Kareena once again. Although Rishi Kapoor hasn’t share much screen time, he leaves a mature impression in the film as fine actor.

The film also score points in other departments too- fine cinematography, good editing and those wonderful peppy and cool one liners uttered by Saif. I’m desperate to know the name of dialogue writer!!! Pritam retains his magic with fine tunes like- ‘Dooriyan’, ‘Chorbazari’ and current chartbuster ‘Twist’. I must admit that after a long long time, I watch a Fresh New Hindi film which I would like to repeat watch.

It will surely refresh your weekend cinema hangout…


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