Sunday, November 15, 2009


Sometime I think that Jack Nicholson is better and more versatile actor than Pacino and De Niro. It’s unpredictability of character with all his myriad expressions that Nicholson knows better than both of them. Watch him here for example in his Oscar winning act of Melvin Udall, a real prick and a meanest mouth whom you love and hate at the same time. He’s obsessive compulsive novelist living lonely and unsocial existence. His next-door neighbor is hospitalized and he has to baby-sit his dog. His silent crush on Carol, a waitress got challenged and he keeps ruining every possible chance to be a normal decent guy until he realized what he really wants from life.

‘As Good As It Gets’ is special because it’s not routine romantic comedy but finely enhanced film which make you smile/laugh so naturally without being dark. The most wonderful part of the film is the chemistry between Nicholson & Helen Hunt and it is a thing to watch here. Both of them got Best Actor and Actress Academy Awards for this same film. Nicholson is sheer delight here and he’s the strongest reason why you shouldn’t miss it.

Ratings- 7.5/10

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