Wednesday, November 25, 2009


It’s quite surprising to know that it’s one and only directed film by Director Charles Laughton. So disappointed was he by the poor reception of this film on its initial release both critically and commercially, that he vowed never to direct a film again, and he never did. The plot revolves around a killer obsessed with biblical vice and virtue and kills the seductive women who arouse men’s basic instinct. During his cell time, he came to know about hidden money of fellow jail mate who got death penalty. As soon as he released, he becomes well wisher to Ben’s widow and two orphan kids and rest is thing to watch.

With his suave charming personality and wearing tattoos of HATE and LOVE on his right & left hand fingers, Robert Mitchum successfully portrayed one of the classic cold blooded killer here and brought one of the interesting and memorable villain characters on screen. More than acting, it’s his body language which is striking. Undoubtedly one of his career best role.
Brilliant black and white cinematography of the film is something in sync with sheer visual splendor of Hitchcock or Wells films with few classic deep focus, extreme close up and long shots.

A fine watch for its combination of fable and film noire.

Ratings- 7.5/10

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