Thursday, November 12, 2009

CARRIE (1976)

Based on Stephen King’s best seller and Directed by Brian De Palma, the film is part teen movie- part horror show. Its supernatural revenge teen fantasy and at the centre of it is Carrie. She’s tortured low profile high school misfit with no confidence, no friends and nagging mother. In semi porn like very first scene Carrie while bathing realized her first period and knows about her secret power of telekinesis. If she can concentrate on something she can move it. When her psychotic mom and sadistic friends finally go too far, the vengeance strikes back with her special gift, cause frenzy of blood and fire on prom night.

Many critics regard it as one of the all-time great horror classic. Well I don’t much agree with it, though some scary parts and good performances it’s very predictable B grade film, except the last fifteen minutes of Brian De Palma’s tour de force. The last chilling shot is really so scary that anybody can miss the heart beat for the few seconds. That’s the real surprise of the film.
Both Sissy Spacek as Carrie and Piper Laurie as her mother were nominated for Best Actress and supporting actress. But more than both of them I like the act of Betty Buckley as Miss Collins, the PT teacher in her short role.

No harm in watching once though.
Ratings- 6.5/10

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