Wednesday, November 11, 2009


It’s not an easy film to digest for those who love plain vanilla entertainment. There are several reasons for it. One it’s an odd story of two identical twins diverse in their nature happens to be successful infertility specialists doctors. One is reticent, introvert and shy, the other is extrovert, seductive, professional. One is not good with serious ones; the other is not good with frivolous ones. They share everything internally and externally in their lives. It’s not straight thing since both of them sometime playing parts of each other and viewing it first time it’s quite harder to clarify who’s who? The most contriving part of the film is their identity of twin brother- Is it Beverly playing Eliott or vice versa? Trouble starts when a celebrity woman patient becomes a bed partner for both of them. One enjoys the company, the other fall in love. Soon Beverly starts losing his sanity and Eliott has to take things in his hands to save his brother. But he soon discovers that brothers who share everything also share madness and this leads us to twisted ties hard to fathom.

Director David Cronenberg’s ‘Dead Ringers’ is hard and bizarre psychological thriller. Although this personal chaos film didn’t win any Oscar, it won 17 International Awards & wide appreciation all around the globe. I haven’t watched much of Jeremy Irons films but his double role is really crackling one here. In both acts he just gave his consummate best. We have seen many double roles but here it’s too baffling case and credit naturally goes to screenplay, cinematography & direction. Another highlight of the film is weird instruments of surgery which constantly gives you horror feel.

I would recommend it for all who love to watch original, out of the box, disturbing psychological films. By the way Dead Ringers mean ‘an exact duplicate’.

Ratings- 8/10

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