Monday, November 2, 2009


“You’re dead if you aim only for kids. Adults are only kids grown up,
-Walt Disney

Just looking at the year of its making and we realize why Walt Disney is called the father of animation. Yes, it was Hollywood’s first full length animation film with Technicolor and sound. From generations Disney’s this animation classic remains a fine fantasy tale and family entertainment to audience with its magical tale, wonderful characters and sweet music. Grimm’s fairytale never seems so wonderful before. Unlike today’s animation here animals are speaking their own natural language than voice over. The film had many songs, as it was a time when Hollywood basked in the glory of its musicals. But comic relief comes from wonderful seven dwarfs and their voice over. The smallest mute dwarf named Dopey is so lovable character among all. We all know its story right from our childhood so let me talk about other important aspects.

More than 500 creative people employed in its production with astronomical budget of $1.5 million at that time. During the time of its release, Hollywood labeled it as ‘Disney’s folly’, certain that it would fail. It was an overwhelming success and the rest is history. Although film had some wonderful songs like ‘Heigh Ho’, ‘Whistle while you work’, Academy did not consider it worthy to nominate being first animation film of history. However Disney was awarded with honorary Oscar considering a new screen innovation which charmed millions and pioneered a great new window of cartoon entertainment in the world of cinema.

Disney’s all-time classic.

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