Thursday, November 5, 2009

I CONFESS (1953)

It’s not usual thrilling Hitchcock film but quite serious and dark one in its tone. We witness a murder, murderer and his confession as the film opens. The rest is a story of an upright catholic priest who keeps the secret of confession to his soul even though he knows that by revealing it, he can save himself from murder charges. Unlike usual Hitchcock films, there’s no bulging suspense or thrilling excitement as we know from very beginning who’s the real murderer and almost movie seems flat and predictable one.

But at the same time, it’s more a story of strong, upright humanitarian priest who’s personal and public life got tarnished but till the end he strictly followed his moral vows of priest. Here’s a character deeply involved with God and Montgomery Clift gave almost devoted, consummate performance as young priest Father Logan and he looks so young, dashing handsome man which might give competition to Brando or Bogart during that era. He’s predecessor of method acting much before Brando. Watch his brilliant expressions in all close up shots. The act of rest of the crew including Anne Baxter and Karl Malden is also praiseworthy.

The most striking feature of the film is fine Black & White camera work by Robert Burks framing brilliant light and shadow focusing Hitchcokian trademark angles. I strongly recommend it to all those who love to see powerful visuals.



Naresh said...

Hi hiren.. Now I start reading ur movie reviews in your blog. Your reviews are really special one. I always like to read ur movie reviews in our "we live cinema" community. I am expecting more good movie reviews from you..:)keep rocking

HIREN DAVE said...

thx for appreciation brother...