Friday, November 13, 2009


Below the title, which more looks like a disaster movie, lies a wonderful documentary about the enigma of South Pole called Antarctica. Directed, written and narrated by Werner Herzog and shot by Cinematographer Peter Zeitlinger the documentary is just other worldly experience not to miss. I come to know from wikipedia that the entire film crew consisted of just two people- Herzog, who recorded all production sound, and cinematographer Peter Zeitlinger. The two went to Antarctica without any opportunity to plan filming locations or interview subjects, and had only seven weeks to conceive and shoot their footage.

It’s revealing to know that icebergs are not larger than the Titanic but it was even larger than the country which built the Titanic. There are monolithic icebergs with 150 feet cliff on surface and more than 1000 feet of ice just below the water line. It’s so huge that melting water can run the Nile River for 75 years. In this exploring journey we meet certain professional dreamers living a vagabond life we haven’t even imagined and they are enjoying every bit of it.

The mysterious sound of Seals under the ice water, the white landscapes, beautiful underwater visuals of frozen ocean and its aquatic life, a loner penguin, Mt Erebus volcano and the interviews of people who are really the dreamers living it in reality… the film has so many blissful visuals to remember. Some of them seem like unfathomable surreal dream.
Don’t miss.


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