Wednesday, May 5, 2010


“There’s only one real problem with a man and a woman. When one of them is in love and the other isn’t. After that it’s all mechanics.”

There are very few musicals that made a history at Oscars winning 6 trophies including the Best Picture trophy. Well, considering my mind’s opinion its Tennessee Williams’ classic screen adaptation of play ‘A Streetcar named Desire’ that deserved the best film trophy that year but it’s the heart that always rules at popular opinions. With spectacular set designs, lighting, costumes and great Grace Kelly the film charmed the audience and critics equally for all time.

Jerry is an American painter falls in love first with Paris and then with Parisian dame with several routine emotional obstructions. Heartache follows but not singing and dancing. Though the plot is all romantic cliché, the wonderful music by George Gershwin and amazing dance moves performed and choreographed by Gene Kelly overshadows every thing and cast a spell on any film lovers. It’s out and out his movie than anything.

So the big reason to watch this classic musical is the legendary and versatile one man show of Gene Kelly. With all his athletic self choreographed dance moves, he just enthralls the audience and rules on screen. Watch it just for him if not for anything; and yes if you sneer your nose at musicals, watch this too. It will become a reason enough to fall in love with them. Watch Kelly performing foot tapping song-dance act amid street kids mimicking choo choo train to Chaplin and you’ll also sing with him ‘who ask for anything more.’ The final ‘dream ballet’ sequence costs half million dollars to studio then and mind it it’s one of the brilliant uninterrupted dance sequence ever filmed in Hollywood entertainer. I wonder why Director Vincente Minneli casted him as a painter and not as a ballet dancer!!!

Ratings- 8/10

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