Saturday, May 15, 2010

HEIMA (Documentary) (2007)

One of the most beautiful Rock concert film I have ever seen. It’s an audiovisual meditation in all its abstract and natural shades of beauty. Back to their roots on Iceland in summer 2006, the band of Sigur Ros performed some of the ecstatic tracks on tour. I confess that I don’t understand even a bit of what Sigur Ros sang and yet I just drawn into music and images which treading me into enigmatic visceral experience. The big reason of this sweeping journey is synchronized interplay between the elemental sound produced by the band and beautifully shot and edited eye candy natural images of Iceland. The fine surprise for me is the experiments of producing different natural sounds from selected rocks and woods and with every fading song we follow an unknown natural territory.

For all those alternative rock lovers ranging from U2 to John Mayer its must watch material in all musical sense. Out of all performed tracks I like ‘Seydisfjordur’- a fine composition having some great piano chords and the final concert song which sweeps us with some great drum beats rhythm.
An absolute watch worthy poetry of Rock.


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