Saturday, May 22, 2010

KITES (2010)

So here I’m out of theatre watching this year’s one of the keenly awaited film of the bollywood in Hindi version and predicting that neither the mass nor the class will like it and it would be surely box office disaster if mouth publicity will reach quite early to the audience.

Now let me tell you first why mass won’t like it: Number one it’s lifeless and without any sort of substance in story or presentation in anything conventional or non conventional. Almost 70 % of the film is in mixture of Spanish-English and the common audience hasn’t yet cultivated the habit to follow hindi subtitles throughout the film to understand a simple routine love story. Remember K. Balachander’s ‘Ek Duuje Ke Liye’ where two lovers don’t understand their regional lingo ended their lives at sea shore and we feel so sad for poor Vasu and Sapna in our first viewing. This poor version severely fails to deliver any intensity to the pairs of lovers. By the way are they lovers is still a big question. Nobody care a damn for the ill fated pair of glamorous desi-international kites even in tragic end here The film don’t have a single peppy Hrithik dance number (for which he’s quite popular) nor fine action sequence (showing car chase isn’t action sequence in my opinion esp. when it seems so ridiculous) And so its not ‘paisa vasool entertainment’ even for popcorn money, forget the ticket!!!

Now let me come to class audience who join cinema hall to watch it for Director Anurag Basu whose last film ‘Metro’ was really impressive. The screenplay, tug of tangled emotions and lifelike characters made his ‘Metro’ quite near to heart. Here Basu quite miserably fails to deliver any of these things. It’s in the second half where film starts irritating you to the limit till the end. Basu-Roshan Inc. tries to make it an international product with Spanish actress, foreign locales focusing style and nothing else. The film randomly copied the sequences of Hollywood films from ‘Casino’, ‘Bonnie & Clyde’ to ‘Road to Perdition.’ Why don’t they copied the whole films for that matter, Bhatt camp is at least doing that for common audience!! Poor Bollywood!!! Creativity and originality is questionable affair in bollywood.

The only thing worthy of attention its Hrithik and Barbara’s chemistry which looks so immensely beautiful on screen but hell they’re supposed to!!! But what about performance, well the director and producer papa don’t care much about it. I doubt Hrithik’s style and charisma won’t work this time. Though I must say its Spanish beauty Barbara Mori whose presence with all her innocent and natural expressions let you bear the film till the end. Thank god the film is just two hours affair…I’m adding one more point for that in ratings.
Highly Not Recommended.

Ratings- 4/10 (Watch it at your own risk!)


Taral said...

I think physics is more talking in this movie (Which i haven't seen yet but guessing from promos) rather then chemistry.

Mitul said...

Hi dear.Thanks a lot for saving my time and money......

Luv said...

saw a cam print that a friend had; Totally agree with you, only the sizzling chemistry is the saving grace. Other than Hrithik nobody seems interested in acting at all. Though will wait till I can lend a DVD b4 forming final opinion :P

HIREN DAVE said...

well even watching on original dvd or cinescreen won't change anybody's opinion here!!!

Jitendra said...

Hi Hirubhai, I was eagerly waiting to watch the movie. But, I decided to read your comments so that I can spend most precious thing : TIME to watch it.

Really, thanks a lot dear for saving time