Sunday, May 9, 2010

THE CAVE OF THE YELLOW DOG (Mongolian) (2005)

What a sweet, simple and beautiful film!!!
The film is about sweet little Nansal and her nomad family. She finds a baby dog Zocher in the cave who becomes her best friend. The parents are not happy about the straw dog but soon the dog proves his loyalty saving the life of the youngest sibling and becomes the part of family till life.

Director Byambasuren Davaa is fine revelation for me and he has maintained a little girl’s point of view throughout the film reminding me of the Iranian Majidi films. It’s a film portraying innocent world of little Nansal and her two siblings- finding shapes of animals in clouds, playing with dung cakes, listen after-life story from a strange grandma…the moments will cherish long forever. Though different in theme its as soothing, as healing, as beautifully portrayed picturesque film as Kim Ki duk’s ‘Spring, Summer, Fall, winter…and Spring’.

Breathtaking visuals drag us into the lap of heavenly nature with very simple and touching tale to tell. A Mongolian couple struggling with their nomadic life and still enjoying and managing to rear their three children well. They are living under a round tent in the natural setting with a flock of sheep. Mother who’s handling home chores with whatever available resources and father who’s remain out to sell ship skins. It’s in the ending titles we come to know that its real Batchuluun family and that’s another strong reason why it looks so natural, effortless in their act throughout the film.

Must watch for all.

PS- A special thanks to GOGO aka Bhushan Kolte for this beautiful recommendation.

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