Wednesday, May 26, 2010

BARAKA (Documentary) (1992)

Words seem quite hollow to explain the visual beauty of this wonderful documentary. I can say it’s a sublime journey or a visual poetry covering amazing natural landscapes to human faces and tribal life to metropolitan life. Without using any single word from beginning to end, Director and photographer Ron Fricke has accomplished a great feat in absorbing the audience in this wonderful journey without any particular destination. Credit also goes to uplifting and soothing background score featuring some of the finest elemental sounds.

The film is milestone for making its viewers feel the most heard silence breaking all conventional grammar of filmmaking; the only thing one has to do is to pay the eyes and ears to the screen and let him/herself freely flows into the currents of unique experience.
Watch those amazing parallel juxtaposed between chickens trapped in machines and urban routine lives trapped between skyscrapers and traffic raising exclamations to our mundane everyday routine. A brilliant use of fast forward!!! Some scenes will stay with me for long, i.e. - the two donkeys pulling the huge load of cart on sloppy track and the cutting of giant tree.

Shot in more than twenty four countries in 70 mm, the film would be literally a masterpiece in its own and if you haven’t seen it yet than I would recommend to grab it as soon as possible and try to watch it on big LCD screen at night to enjoy its rich experience.
Highly…Highly Recommended.

PS- A big thanks to dear friend Pratik for gifting this long due one!!!


Sushanta said...

hi Hiren, I follow your reviews relegiosuly.The reviews work as a reservoir of movies from which I can select one, based on your rating. It would be a good idea if you can also start putting label to them like crime, drama, thriller etc. That will make the choice-making more easy :)

HIREN DAVE said...

oh sure bro...infact i am often think about doing so but i have went too far with posts crossing more than 500. But will surely do it as soon as possible.

and ya keep suggesting and posting...

nanda said...

Truly Visual poetry.
For me 2 scenes stand out.
1. The tribals dancing in the first half hour. here it was the audio recording that appealed most to me. It was just like being there.
2. The comparison with the chick factory and urban life.

10 on 10. No doubt.

PS:The sequel is supposed to be out. "Samsara" .. Though there has been a movie of this name already which i guess u must have seen,