Sunday, May 16, 2010


“The worst part of being old is remembering when you was young.”

One can’t expect a film like this from Director David Lynch? Could he make such a heart touching tale in such a straight and simple way barring all his trademark surrealism is itself a surprising big reason to watch this film. It’s a tale of 73 years old diabetic Alvin Straight, who doesn’t stand on his own without a pair of sticks making his journey to Wisconsin driving on his lawn mower to see his brother who had got heart attack recently. They’re two brothers who hadn’t talked with each other since a decade and so it’s a journey of emotions and wish fulfillment for this old stubborn head. It takes couple of weeks to reach his destination alone on his mower running at snail’s pace. During the journey he meets strangers whether it’s a girl who ran away from her family, a bunch of cycle riders, a deer killing lady car driver or an old man in a bar with whom he shared the most intimate secret of his early life.

Richard Farnsworth is just irreplaceable casting as Alvin, finely supported by Sissy Spacek as his stammering daughter who gave another fine performance. It’s slow film expecting patience but if you can tolerate that one thing I guarantee you the end which can’t resist tears in your eyes. The final scene of reuniting brothers is one of the sublime emotional scenes I have ever seen. Beautiful cinematography and a fine violin background sound uplifts the mood of the film. The film reminds me another beautiful film ‘The World’s fastest Indian’ having a brilliant act of Anthony Hopkins; the difference lies in fastest vs. slowest.
A Simple and yet moving film.


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