Tuesday, May 4, 2010

COCO BEFORE CHANEL (French) (2009)

Gabrielle known as Coco is an orphan girl destined to suffer in the world full of selfish men gifted with fame and money. The long phase of struggle from singing-dancing public girl act to being mistress of Baron Balsan is all her smart way to deal with question of survival without money. It was not at all destined for her to be a fashion icon but she’s smart woman who observed, experienced and learned whatever comes her way until her creations defines modern women for more than sixty years, the era’s greatest celebrities adopted her style and becoming the first woman to break into man’s world.

One has to watch this film to know the personal human story of Coco, later known as the legendary fashion icon Chanel. She’s really a strong, proud and mature women pulled herself to remain single; preferred being mistress than wife and made her own fortune independently without being the shadow of somebody’s life forever. More than personal biography, its film celebrating the triumph of an independent woman who stick to her individual freedom above everything…whether it’s love, loyalty or relations.

Her sense of fashion is plain and simple and yet elegant and descent one. She hated too tight, too resplendent and too fashionable kind of Victorian dressing and hate corsets which were quite happening stuff during that time. In a scene, a lady asked him to dress her with revealing thighs and breasts, she responded that let them remain exciting to imaginations.The final scene is almost like celebration concocted with sweet revenge. The models are going for ramp walk, Coco is watching the crowd applaud reminiscing about the embarrassing moments at party where people ridiculed her and her dressing.

Watch it for Audrey Toutou’s fine act, she’s not in her routine bubbly, sweet girl image, it’s tough role to maintain but she’s gifted with one of the most expressive face of French cinema and that has done half the work for her.

Ratings- 7/10

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