Friday, December 31, 2010


A heartbreaking film of the year from the director who knows how to portray intense, disturbing and rather shocking personal tragedies; his ‘Requiem for a Dream’ is intolerable nightmare for many of viewers. Director Darren Aronofsky’s protagonist is not Black Swan; but the opposite. She’s a young uncorrupt and innocent ballet dancer named Nina. She’s dedicated and disciplined dancer who’s working too hard to meet the challenge offered by her demanding director who needs a face of ‘Swan Queen’- a performer who embodies both white and black swan for forthcoming new season of his show. Playing pure part of White Swan is quite natural for her but she constantly failed to portray the darker part. She has a rival too who knows how to manipulate men compromising with morality. Guided by ambition of perfection she slowly starts embracing her darker side along with her own downfall.

Aronofsky’s this film has texture of classical tragedy. Like those Greek or Shakespearean tragedies, it has element of hamartia- a protagonist blinded by ambition of perfection and on the other hand it represents world of fantasy where the clapping of audience comes with personal sacrifice. It’s not an easy character to carry; as it demands lot of practice playing perfect ballerina and on the other hand requires intense introspection. Without exaggeration it’s hard to see anyone except Natalie Portman. She is the muse born to play this part. Her metamorphosis from white to black swan is really heart wrenching one driven by ambition, jealousy, rivalry, hallucinations breaking her into physical-psychological trauma. Throughout the film Portman remains so effortlessly natural in expressions. She has only one guardian angel- her caring poor mother who finally witnesses in the climax how her sweet girl transformed into something so hostile. Along with so many others who’ve seen this, I must say that Portman is sure bet for this year’s Best Actress award. Supporting performances were impressive too and the amazing classical piano background by Clint Mansell surely deserved trophy.



Aditya Tibrewala said...

heard a lot about this... gonna watch it soon!

Yashesh said...

Not much has changed with Portman.She was a class act in Leon as a 12 year old and now at almost 30, she is only getting better.
I see a definite Statuette in her hands this year!!
And as Aronofsky- he always comes out with gems.
Great work with the blog Hiren.You might have inspired me to do something similar :)
Keep it going!

HIREN DAVE said...

Thanks Yashesh for words of appreciation and yes I keep my fingers crossed for Portman...she's really darling.